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  • Model Name
  • EXTRA732FT, 736FT

  • Brand
  • Vicon

  • Classification
  • Mower

Suspension system that moves along the ground : The new suspension system can be adjusted 250 mm up and 450 mm down depending on the flexion of the ground, providing a stable operation.

Optimization system adapts to ground conditions : It is possible to adjust the opening and closing of the conditioning unit in two stages depending on the type of crop, enabling smooth conditioning work even for long crops.


Cutter bar protective cover

The innovative suspension structure is designed to scale 24 degrees transversely. This enables fast harvesting of crops while adapting well to uneven ground conditions.

Working height adjustment

Discharge angle adjustment

Discharge width adjustment


  • Extra 732FT

  • Extra 736FT

  • Extra 732FT
  • Maneuver area width (m) : 3.2
  • Weight (kg) : 1,235
  • P.T.O(rpm) : 1000
  • Number of disks : 8
  • Number of blades : 24
  • Applied horsepower : 80hp(59kw)
  • Extra 736FT
  • Maneuver area width (m) : 3.5
  • Weight (kg) : 1,380
  • P.T.O(rpm) : 1000
  • Number of disks : 10
  • Number of blades : 30
  • Applied horsepower : 100hp(74kw)