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Front LED headlamps

Double-glazed rear glass (7250 TTV)

12,000 kg for lifting capacity, 210 L/min pump power, 3 PTOs

LED light for external controls (7250 TTV)


MaxiVision2 (special edition designed by Giugiaro)

Sunroof mounted as default option

Germany Ritter's rear handle steering wheel mounted / Leather seats for the driver's seat and passenger seat / Integrated panel controlling full illumination / Digital instrument cluster with excellent cyanicity / Ergonomic armrest joystick / Latest I Monitor 2.0 / Rear camera mounted

The latest digital instrument cluster has excellent visibility during day and night.

The booster brake system ensures high braking performance with low pedal force.

The MaxiVision2 cabin provides a spacious and comfortable working environment.


Designed with specific technical solutions and made of special materials, this injection system is perfectly compatible with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel.

Electric overload relay for vehicle

It uses Deutz's common rail. High pressure common rail injection system incorporating two lubricating injection pumps in the engine block and innovative combustion chamber configuration for super-combustion and torque at a wide range of engine speeds.

Stop and go

It is a system that maximizes the potential of the sense clutch shuttle for superior mobility. It is ideal for tasks where the vehicle should stop frequently and re-operate.


Selective catalyst reduction. The tractor is equipped with an optional catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust cleaning system that uses AdBlue, a 32.5% diesel exhaust fluid, to treat exhaust gases. An additional AdBlue tank is mounted on one side of the tractor.

Electronic engine manager

This system monitors a series of engine parameters and adjusts the injection accordingly to optimize the engine function. Automated for complete simplicity: The operator can set, store and recall the engine speed that best suits the job.

Saving energy

It is a system that integrated into a hydraulic system that reduces heat loss, improves efficiency and recovers energy wasted in existing systems. When the lift and distributor are not in use, the solenoid valve returns hydraulic oil flow to the transmission housing.


Electronic system that automatically engages and disengages the front wheel and differential lock based on the steering angle and speed

Sense clutch

It is a hydraulic reverse shuttle with two multi-plate wet clutches and an electronic control unit.

Power brake

It is a system that maintains a constant pressure in the relative hydraulic circuit to ensure effective and immediate response of the brake system in all conditions with minimal pressure applied to the pedals.


It optimizes the use of power curves by reducing engine speed and using the engine at speeds close to maximum torque. It reduces consumption and improves driver convenience.

Commander control

Joystick control function is built in. The operator can easily and conveniently control the selected tractor functions.


This high-tech tractor is equipped with several sensors that monitor the correct operation of all mechanical systems and functions. The sensor signals are collected and analyzed by the control panel, and the control panel adjusts the tractor settings based on this information to meet the current demand.


  • Deutz tier 4 engine

  • 7 Series TTV7250 WARRIOR

  • 7 Series TTV 7250 WARRIOR
  • Maximum power output (hp/kw) : 246/181
  • Displacement (cc) : 6,057
  • -Deutz 6.1 TCD common rail 6-cylinder 24-valve turbo intercooler engine (SCR & DPF)
  • -ZF transmission, max. 60km/h, rear steering wheel mounted, front PTO (weight 1,000kg) mounted
  • -Equipped with electromagnetic parking brake (EPB) system and Michelin tires
  • -Front suspension & disc brake fuel tank 435 L with 50 L of AdBlue
  • -Maxivision 2 cabin & IMonitor2 system, left and right electronic heating side mirror system
  • -Manual open hood & LED lighting system
  • -160 L/min load sensing hydraulic system