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  • Model Name
  • I-BIO+

  • Brand
  • KUHN

  • Classification
  • Baler


Wide pickup

Floor plate automatic opening and closing system

KUHN integrated rotor

Blade group select system : Blades can be set up in groups by the number of blades you want, and you can raise, lower, and adjust the group. (0-4-7-7-14)

Bale erecting device / It is equipped with a compact Korean-style bale erecting device newly developed by Myungsung Technology Research Center.

The state-of-the-art CCI50 monitor :The state-of-the-art CCI50 monitor is a 5.7-inch full-color touchscreen, maximizing operator visibility and convenience for operator.

Automatic lubrication system

Wide tires mounted

Pickup guide auxiliary wheels

I-BIO+ pulls up wet crops without difficulty with 5 tines and binds the net by forming a strongly compressed bale. The ultra-high-speed 2-arm wrapping part wraps the bale within 18 seconds after the net is tied, and if wrapping is not necessary, normal discharge without wrapping is possible.

The innovative blade system / Eliptical rotor quickly feeds the crop into the blade area for excellent cutting performance and less load on the tractor. It significantly reduces clogging and enables high-speed work. / The blade is protected by an independent developed spring, and the blade part is automatically reciprocated and cleaned when the number of operations reaches the set number, ensuring optimal blade performance in all situations.



  • Equipment size (L X W X H) : 6.1X2.7X2.4
  • Equipment width /Drum width (cm) : 230 / 190
  • Number of blades : Up to 14 pcs
  • Bale size (cm) : 125 x 122
  • Number of rollers (pcs) : 18
  • Binding length (mm) - Net : 1200
  • Binding length (mm) - Film : 750
  • Weight (kg) : 4110
  • Pickup spring : 160 pcs
  • Applied horsepower : 100hp(75kw)