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  • Model Name
  • TTV5115

  • Brand

  • Classification
  • Tractor

Front LED headlights

External control of hydraulic and PTO functions on both sides

Optional high-lug tires available(for wide range)

90 L/min double pump hydraulic system


The four gear ranges (slow gear, fast gear, creep and super creep) can be selected from 2 - 3 powershift ranges, up to 60 forward gears and backward gears. All 5 speed transmission models achieve maximum efficiency of 40 km/h-Eco with reduced engine speed / Gear shift is possible without operating the clutch due to the power-shift design

Override Button: This is a system that prevents the operation from stopping when the diesel exhaust fluid is depleted, and can be maintained for 30 minutes by pressing the button and operated up to 3 times / Front loader joystick / Imported genuine product with easy front loader operation / The latest joystick is equipped for basic option.

Special edition designed by Giugiaro

Convenient operation with brake pedal operation with Stop & Go system

Steering double displacement (SDD): It is advantageous for baler corner work with 2x front wheel rotation that is easy to rotate in a narrow field.

Control System 5115: 2 levels of engine memory control / 5 levels of clutch sensitivity control / Advanced fabric seats for driver and passenger seats / Integrated panel that controls overall lighting / Excellent visibility during day and night with digital instrument panel / Auto PTO / The POT is automatically shut off when the machine is raised to a certain height

Sunroof mounted as default option

German Deutz / German Deutz engine / Eco-friendly and high-efficiency Tier4 Final engine / Deutz 7.8 TTCD common rail 1,600 bar / 4-cylinder turbo intercooler engine


  • Deutz tier 4 engine

  • 5 Series TTV 5115

  • 5 Series TTV 5115
  • Maximum power output (hp/kw) : 119/87.5
  • Displacement (cc) : 3,620
  • -Deutz 3. TCD common rail 4-cylinder turbo intercooler engine (SCR, DOC & EGR)
  • -SAME transmission, max. 40 Km/h, front loader (with joystick)
  • -Clutch sensitivity control system (5 stages), 135 L capacity fuel tank with 8 L of Adblue
  • -High-speed steering SDD system. Stop & Go system
  • -Optional high-lug tires available(for wide range)
  • -90L/min double pump hydraulic system